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Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS)

Answer to all your questions – HOW IT WORKS

Hospitality supervisors must have effective skills such as leadership, time management, and communication. They must keep pace with change, improve their knowledge, and share their experience with others.

The Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS) designation provides recognition for these skills. Recognized worldwide, the CHS designation is the lodging industry's highest acknowledgment of professionalism for supervisors in the hospitality industry.

The CHS designation may be used on letterhead, business cards, and other writings. The CHS lapel pin and certificate are the visible symbols of the holder's status and achievement.

Fee for the CHT program is:
AH&LA Members: $80
Nonmembers: $100

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Fee includes: CHS Exam; Certificate and Lapel Pin upon successful completion of the exam.

Exam Preparation Material:
The CHS exam preparation material (Supervisory Skill Builders) is offered separately (separate fee applies).
The CHSP designation may be used on letterhead, business cards, and other writings.


Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS) Prerequisites

Who should apply?
A supervisor who supervises two or more individuals; has job duties that are at least 20 percent supervisory in nature and include such tasks as scheduling, training, interviewing, disciplining, inspecting, and conducting performance reviews; makes decisions and judgment calls while performing daily duties; and has input on hiring and firing decisions within a department.

Because individual backgrounds vary widely in the hospitality industry, applicants may pursue the CHS designation through one of three options: Plan A emphasizes an education background; Plan B emphasizes industry experience; and Plan C emphasizes early entry. All plans require documented evidence of experience and successful completion of a comprehensive examination.

Plan A Eligibility: Education Emphasis

  • At least a 2-year degree from an accredited institution OR successful completion of the Educational Institute's Supervisory Skill Builders series or Supervision in the Hospitality Industry course.

  • Current full-time employment in a CHS qualifying position* with at least three months of full-time experience in one or more such positions.

Plan B Eligibility: Experience Emphasis
  • Current employment in a CHS qualifying position* with at least six months of full-time experience in one or more such positions.

Plan C Eligibility: Early Entry
Through Plan C you can begin working on your CHS designation and demonstrating your commitment to professional development prior to obtaining a qualifying position. If you are not currently in a qualifying position at the time of submitting the application, you will have six months from the time you pass the CHS exam to obtain full-time employment as a qualified supervisor in the hospitality industry and to have held one or more such positions for a minimum of six months (or three months if you qualify under Plan A – Education Emphasis).
Plan C does not have an education requirement, but a degree will reduce the length of time you are required to spend in a qualifying position.
Plan C enables you to take the CHS certification test up to three times so you can gauge your progress and knowledge against an industry proven standard. You no longer need to wait to see if you meet the benchmark of industry quality. You can prove it, and pursue a strong professional development regimen.

A Plan C candidate who is in a qualifying position:
  • May sit for the examination BEFORE meeting the experience requirement.
  • May take the examination up to 3 times.
  • May sit for the examination while in the process of completing a degree.
  • Will be required to submit documentation of employment at the time the experience requirement is met.


Certified Hospitality Supervisor (CHS) - Exam Preparation Material

Supervisory Skill Builders is a nine-workbook series is needed as preparation for the CHS examination, AH&LA Members: $109.95; Nonmembers: $139.95.
CHS exam preparation material offers a thorough overview of the CHS exam content. Highlights include:

  • Supervision
  • Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
  • Orientation and Training
  • Motivation and Team Building
  • Staffing and Scheduling
  • Improving Employee Performance

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