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      - The first step is to review your specific requirements and for us to gather information on your specific needs, style of

        your operation, restrictions (if any) on applicants, obtaining a job profile, job description (if available), terms and

        conditions of employment and other relevant information.


      - Assign a team that will include the Consultant of Record, a Coordinator, a Researcher and a Recruitment Team from

        one to four people.


      - Development of a tailored recruitment program including a computer model based on your needs, which will assist in

        identifying the most suitable candidate(s). This program is both data based and/or direct.


      - Development of applicant evaluative tools such as our Self-Evaluation Form (S.E.F.), which will assist in shortening the
        interview process and aid in decreasing interview costs.


      - Maintain open lines of communication keeping you informed at all times as to the status of your search.


      - Provide relevant industry salary and remuneration information. Available upon request.


      - Make recommendations on gross remuneration packages based on national and international remuneration surveys.


      - Present factual resumes, along with supporting documentation.


      - Provide primary and secondary references in written format.


      - Arrange and coordinate telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews.


      - Keep the hiring process moving ahead in a constructive manner.


      - Provide factual applicant feedback.


      - Provide client feedback to the applicant.


      - Arrange specialized testing, which may include culinary "taste testing", "talent testing" or "psychological testing".


      - Assist in negotiating employment remuneration packages and making recommendations as required.


      - Assist in the preparation of formal letters of offer for employment.


      - Coordinate and assist in obtaining visas, police clearance certificates, credit reports, medical reports and x-rays,

        as required.


      - Assist in travel arrangements for both interviews and commencement of employment.

      - Assist in relocation issues as required.


      - Prepare letters of rejection on behalf of clients to unsuccessful applicants.


      - Provide follow-up assistance as required.


      - Provide our guarantee.

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