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Course 1 :- TIME MANAGEMENT (for Department Heads, Middle Management & Supervisory level)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

- Establish how you currently use your time and identify areas where improvements could be made
- Introduce a planning process and explain how long term objectives can be integrated into daily action plans

Course 2 :- ACHIEVING EXCELLENT SERVICE (for Supervisors and Rank & Files)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

- Understand the importance of Customers’ Expectations
- Introduce a reliable process for meeting and exceeding those expectations
- Understand how service providers affect customer retention
- Prepare for transferring the seminar learning to the job

Course 3 :- COACHING Skills (for Department Heads & Middle Management)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- A conversation between a Supervisor and an employee that follows an expected process and leads to top performance, more improvement, and positive work relationships.

Course 4 :- EMPOWERMENT (for Middle Management & Supervisory level)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- What is Empowerment?
- How Empowered are we?
- Becoming Empowered
- Empowerment Relationship
- How to Start

Course 5 :- F&B SUGGESTIVE SELLING (for Outlets Managers, Captains & Waiters/Waitress)
6 Days course (4hrs each day)

- At the end of this training, you will be able to train your associates in all F&B Outlets about the Suggestive Selling Technique, so as they will start implementation accordingly
- By implementation, all parties will benefit out of this technique, hence
    - Property/Outlet will generate more REVENUE and
    - accordingly, associates will general more money as a talk of appreciation through the New Incentive Program
- Selling by suggesting
- Handling objections
- Selling high profit items
- Describing menu items
- Positive buying signals / confirm the orders
- Dealing with “NO” / offering alternatives
- Overcoming hesitation
- Checking satisfaction

Course 6 :- HANDLING COMPLAINTS (for Supervisors & Front of the house staff)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- When something does go wrong, they often confront the first staff member they can Find!!!!
- The complaint will often be unrelated to you personally or to your job, but they will still expect you to solve the problem
- All associates from general manager to the Front Line associates need to understand this concept and know that: Complaints can be turned into positives

Course 7 :- LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLES (Department Heads & Middle Management)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- Provide you with information and practical skills that will help you manage your department more effectively.
- Handle difficult situations with poise and self-assurance; demonstrate emotional stability and humility; remain calm, confident, and dependable during a crisis; willing to take risks publicly

Course 8 :- MOTIVATION (for Middle Management & Supervisory level)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- Any man or woman who must get his work done through people must understand what MOTIVATION is!!
- Find what drives people from inside and how to use it to accomplish your goals

Course 9 :- QUALITY AWARENESS (for Department Heads, Middle Management & Supervisors)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- In the customer eyes Quality means more of the features they prefer. The better Hotel Meets its customer's expectations by providing the right combination of desirable Features.

Course 10 :- HOW TO AVOID STRESS (for Department Heads, Middle Management & Supervisors)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- Identifying the source of Stress
- Negative Effects of Stress
- Stress Signals
- Positive Effects of Stress
- Ways of managing Stress
- Guidelines for controlling Temper

Course 11 :- TEAMBUILDING (for Department Heads, Middle Management & Supervisors)
2 Days course (4hrs each day)

The team is committed to open communication, and feel they can state their opinions, thoughts and feelings without fear.

- Listening is considered as important as speaking
- Differences of opinion and perspectives are valued
- Method of managing conflicts are understood
- Through honest and caring feedback, members are made aware of their strengths and weaknesses as team members

Course 12 :- SALES SUGGESTIVE SELLING SKILLS (S&M Department, Reservations & Front Office)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

By the end of the course you will be able to:

- Explain the 3 elements of a sale
- Recognize the importance of Product Knowledge
- List the qualities of a good sales person
- Demonstrate ways of effectively selling our products
- Identify opportunities to improve on an initial sale by either lateral or Upselling

Course 13 :- WORKING SMARTER (for Department Heads, Middle Management, Supervisors & Selective staff)
2 Days course (4hrs each day)

- Measuring our results in a consistent way
- Staying ahead of the competition
- Eliminating wasted effort, resources and non-value added activities

Course 14 :- BEYOND BRAINSTORMING TRAINING (for Department Heads, Middle Management, Supervisors & Selective staff)
3 Days course (4hrs each day)

- Influencing Others
- Managing Change
- Team Player
- Communication Skills
- Team Developer and Coach
- Managing the Training session
- Running meetings that “hit” the target
- Using facilities skills
- Getting buy-in from everyone necessary to your team’s success

Course 15 :- Grooming Standards Sessions (for all Supervisors and all Rank & Files)
4 Days course (4hrs each day)

- Personal Grooming
    - Personal Hygiene
    - Hairstyling
    - Appearance
    - Make-up
    - Fragrance
    - Tattoos

- General Information
    - General Behaviour
    - Eating and Drinking
    - Smoking
    - Posture
    - Mobile Phones
    - Uniforms

- Accessories
    - General
    - Facial piercing
    - Rings
    - Earrings
    - Necklace
    - Watches
    - Pins and Brooches
    - Anklets
    - Cufflinks
    - Corrective Eyewear
    - Staff ID
    - Name badge




a. Increasing Productivity: Teamwork (Team Building): Learn the secrets for using teamwork to unleash the productivity of your staff, we will help you to apply these team approaches and you'll see: - Increased cooperation and job satisfaction among employees. - Improvements in your own ability to achieve results you want. - Matching strengths to the job skills needed,
motivating each member of the team, and maintaining the team effort.



b. Delegation: For any manager who has too much to do and not enough time to do it! Multiply your efficiency, increase the effectiveness of your staff, and feel better about your position. Shows busy managers & supervisors how to:
- Organize and be more productive.
- Find time to plan and set objectives.
- Reduce job-related stress. Illustrates an easy-to-understand, systematic approach to managing time and workload.
Includes knowing what to delegate, identifying the correct person for the task, delegating authority with responsibility,
and managing delegated work.



c. Time Management



d. Stress Management



e. Motivation, "The Ultimate Tool" for Best Productivity


f. Discover the Future, the Paradigm Shifting: The workshop is a must for all managers. The paradigm is the BOX
that contains one's mind and the way of thinking. It presents the attitude and behaviors, which affects one's life
results. This significant workshop will assist your management team members and decision-makers open their minds to
new way of judging and doing things in the corporate world.



g. Management Skill Builders: Even your greenest managers can get the knowledge needed to make sound decisions and lead like seasoned pros! This program helps managers handle daily situations smoothly and competently. They'll learn to:
- Priorities tasks so your company receives the maximum benefit from every hour worked.
- Delegate effectively, making the best use of their time and employees' skills.
- React decisively by mastering the fundamentals they must know in today's business environment.



h. Results-Oriented Leadership: This program powers up time-management skills, effectively juggle multiple
priorities, energies employees, and discover the shortcuts to your departmental and organizational goals.



I. Visionary Leadership: Upper-level managers get the keys from this program, to move beyond good management to become visionary leaders, setting strategic directions and accomplishing long-business goals.





"The Making of Learning Organization"

The Learning Organization describes any organization that continually learns how to achieve its desired goals through a
positive paradigm shifting in its culture, tapping into its peoples' potential and in their capacity to learn, and improving its
strategies through team learning, intelligent risk taking, innovation, knowledge sharing, and more.

With this Workshop /Presentation, "The Making of the Learning Organization," Dr. Saker will define the Learning
Organization, explain its characteristics, the importance of becoming one, cover briefly the Five Disciplines proposed by
Peter Senge, cover the elements necessary for evolving into one, give examples and a case study, go over its building
blocks, and answer the important question: "How to proceed with the 'first steps' towards building a Learning
Organization". Dr. Saker will run a couple of training game-exercises to reinforce learned ideas.





About The instructor, Dr. Sam Saker aka Sam Saker
"CHA - International" President and CEO


Dr. Saker's field related education, complements his Thirty years of responsible and progressive experience in the
Hospitality Industry in the United States, fourteen years of which as a General Manager with Holiday Corporation, Forte
Hotels International and most recent seven years with Marriott Hotels, Resorts and Suites. In 1998 Dr. Saker has
established and responsible for the continued development and growth of CHA, through his alert base of Total Quality
Management (TQM) implementation. Representing the American Hotel and Motel Association, Educational Institute in
Egypt, CHA provides its services as well as proctoring professional certifications to industry professionals.

Being President, CEO and Partner of CHA - International, Dr. Saker has expanded of both Egypt and UAE offices and in
2004 the USA, California office. The annual Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Travel Awards is just another showcase of
Dr. Saker's commitment to his industry and passion for its cause.









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