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Technical Assistance Services


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This service is carried out by a team of property specialists to offer architectural, design and engineering support to owners, developers and investors to ensure that new hotels construction and /or existing hotels refurbishments fully comply with international standards and specific brand standards, meet deadlines and perform well from the first day they open their doors.

The team’s scope of work offers the following:


For new hotels construction :-

  • Act as an important liaison between Hotel management companies, owners, design and architectural consultants as well as contractors. Their responsibilities will include all aspects of reviewing project planning, designs and specifications.
  • Carry out due diligence design and documentation reviews to ensure high quality, consistency of standards to meet Hotel management brand requirements as well as Pre-opening inspections and reports to ensure compliance.
  • Visit the properties near their opening date, and perform inspection to determine that the property has all equipments, furnishings, facilities and amenities follow the designated brands.
  • Ensure that ADA requirements, as well as design, construction and operations standards have been satisfactorily met.
  • Ensure that the property fully complies with international/local and Company Brands Life Safety Standards.
  • Provide immediate follow-up and recommendations to the Principle Correspondent (PC), and Quality Consultant (QC).


For existing hotels refurbishments :-

  • Perform a PIP (Property Improvement Plans) inspection whenever a PIP is requested. Inspections include a thorough review of the exterior, recreational, commercial and guestroom areas of the hotel in order to determine any renovation work necessary to meet current brand standards, and to ensure the property is competitive in its given market.


For existing hotels conversion :-

  • Produce a comprehensive, technical renovation document describing the required scope of work that will become part of a franchisee's License Agreement and though determine the hotel's Market Level based on the property inspection and surrounding areas.


Our Technical team :-

  • All of the Technical team members have a B.SC.  Degree in Architectural Engineering / Hotel projects expertize , with a leader who studied advanced management skills and his hotel experience stems from his long career with the Intercontinental Hotels Group and its multi-brand concepts as well as many other International Hotel chains, such as the Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, the Maritim Hotels and Resorts, and the Jolie Ville Hotels & Resorts.

    His Technical experience has been developed through more than 30 years of progressive work related in various Architectural disciplines including architectural design, construction projects supervision, budgeting and contracting, with demonstrated technical proficiency and specialization in hotels industry for the last 20 years.

Download Technical Services Scope of Agreement for Developers


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