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Selection System Quality


Before we start looking for people to hire, it's best to start by defining the need. To do this, we perform Job Analysis, which in turn would give us three components?

- Evaluation of the organizational needs that justify filling the position
- Defining of the position's specific functions, duties, and responsibilities
- Defining of the characteristics a person would need to be successful in the position

Tools like Behavior-Based Interviews, Ability Tests, and Motivational Fit inventories go a long way in ensuring fusion between organizational objectives and personal goals.


CHA International has developed an internet-based assessment tool called 20 20 Skills? that evaluates new hires and provides a base for identifying peak performers by assessing performance characteristics and cultural compatibility.


A number of hotels have evolved their own, often very effective, methods for assessing prospective new recruits. A good example is that of the Hilton Garden Inns, that maps its best employees? most desirable qualities. Employees rated as top performers were given a written test designed to assess their aptitudes and preferences. The answers were used to produce a snapshot of the model employee. Prospective new hires have been given were being given similar tests and evaluated according to how close they come to the model. The process has succeeded in pointing managers to service-oriented recruits.


Innovative Management and Invigorating HR Strategies


Innovative management has resulted in major organizational and individual improvements in other industries by recognizing that potential employees are as interested in intangibles such as fairness, equity, well being and caring, as they are in competitive salaries, retirement plans, training, and recognition programs. In addition to traditional programs such as a 401(k) plan with company match, competitive wages and benefits, service recognition programs, property incentive plans and referral bonuses, management needs to offer employees a package of ?non-traditional benefits? based on the traditional values of sharing and growth. There is a clear need for consistent and aligned human resource practices, programs and policies to help achieve the hotel's strategic objectives. While many in the hospitality industry maintain that people are the key to customer satisfaction and competitive advantage, often human resource practices in hotels diminish the effectiveness of getting the most out of their people.

It is important to mention the efforts made by New Castle Hotels, a Shelton, CT-based hotel ownership and management company. The company's Open Door Policy enables, and encourages, its employees to call the Corporate Communication Hotline and voice their concerns. A neutral third party at the corporate level then addresses the issues raised. Another successful program has been Peer Review, which allows employees, still dissatisfied after going through normal dispute resolution channels, to take their concerns before a board of their peers. The employee Dispute Resolution board is made up of line-level and managerial staff. Its decisions are final and binding, superseding even the decision of a property's general manager.


Leadership Quality

Leadership should be such that it creates and mentors harmonious workplace relationships, ensuring that there is no lack - of trust, of communication, of relevant and timely feedback, of appreciation, of fair treatment and of information. We need leaders who are capable of ?performance management?- creating a system of setting attainable goals, providing feedback and mentoring, reviewing progress and creating developmental plans and competitive compensation structure. Above all we need to curb manager turnover itself, because if it is frequent that indicates that solid teams cannot be properly trained and maintained.


Perhaps a good way to close this article is by sharing what my Organizational Development professor once casually remarked "Look after your employees well and they will look after everything very well!".




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