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1. "What is a Personal Assessment Report - PAR "

The Personal Assessment Report is a tool used to make a significant impression when "CHA" International Hospitality's personnel consultants introduce top-caliber professionals to market-leading companies.

2. "What are the benefits of completing the Personal Assessment Report - PAR?"

When you thoroughly and thoughtfully complete a Personal Assessment Report, you will enjoy four primary benefits:

I) A Personal Assessment Report helps to facilitate the often-formidable process of self-assessment and allows you to be as objective as possible in gauging your qualifications.

II) A Personal Assessment Report is more revealing than a resume could ever be and helps us to properly determine your level of professional expertise and acumen.

III) The Personal Assessment Report helps us to better represent you by emphasizing unique and attractive elements of your skill set and experience, as well as the ways you could contribute to our clients' bottom line profitability. This helps us deliver a powerful presentation to top companies.

IV) A Personal Assessment Report helps you to prepare yourself to "Nail" any interview and secure the job you want with the company you want.

Please download, complete and send to: info@cha-international.com




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