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The "MS" Mystery Shopper's analyses program focuses on the Quality of Service / Product / Systems assessment, of the Subject Property / Hotel. The "MS" procedures summary is simply as follows, per property (with a minimum of Two Consultants with two different approaches to the subject departments):-


The full operations Study / research procedures:-
      1-Assessment of findings abstracted from the various data collected
      2-Interpretations of the assessed findings
      3-Conclusions associated with each group of interpretations
      4-Tables of comparisons & Graphs /analysis
      5-Precise, Comprehensive conclusive briefs (With actual photos)
      6-Tailored Recommendations
      7-We Provide the Client with the findings analyses and detailed results
      8-Presenting the Client with the research recommendations and suggestions
      9-Assisting in developing a follow up /tracking "Plans and Actions", for each department and its respective team


Scope of "Mystery Shopper" Assessment:
Via full Hotel Operation's Service / Product / systems Inspection, within the boundaries and access areas of the hotel
guest extent. The assessment is a trouble shooting / measured report / research system, through which the owning
company and or the property management will identify Service / Product / Systems problem areas, associates
weaknesses and strengths, as well as seeing that their performance quality and service standards are through the guest eyes / perception.

The aim of the "Mystery Shopper" is an assessment report and study; mainly to identify the level of Service / Product / System's General Quality, as well as some particulars of the product quality (As perceived by the hotel guest). In order to identify the areas of improvement, throughout the hotel operations, the mystery shopper (Consultant Guest) will focus on each and every element of service / product / systems that might be required experienced / expected by the regular hotel guest. Hence measuring, from a professional point of view, what is done to meet his or her expectations vs. the international standards of the Hotel Industry.


Particulars of the "MS" Assessment

1. Guest Contact Associates:
At different times (different shifts), the guest contact areas will be tested / inspected and measured, including:
Reservations, Front Desk, Guest Relations, Bell Stand, Doorman, all F&B outlets, Pool, Operators, Laundry, etc. (From the time the reservation is made, until check out activity).

2. Public Areas & Guest Rooms:
The product quality is measured through all the accessible public areas, including: Lobby, Hallways, Pool, Service
Machines, more than one guest room (room change will also take place request), F&B outlets, and main entrance, etc



Duration of the "M.S." Assessment

1- Data Collection (At location):
The actual visit / stay at the hotel is four nights / five days, per property / hotel, at which time all elements of inspected services and their findings will be noted and documented


2- The assessment report:
The data analyses, finding, and conclusions, followed by CHA International recommendations, will then be presented to the client within 15 days after the hotel visit (Please see the enclosed Mystery Shopper INDEX sample of contents list)



The total package cost is based on the property size and ranges from USD $ 5,000 - $ 8000 per property, in addition to transportation (Airline) and full board accommodation at the CHA consultant. 50% payable up on signing the "M.S." agreement, and the balance of 50% is payable up on the submission of the final assessment / recommendation report.



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