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          Autonomy is the solution for career advancement in the coming years.

          For candidates who are interested to be represented by Consultants of Hospitality Administrators CHA International, we will work on your behalf to place you
          in a position that is most suitable for you. Our Executive process protects candidate identity while we qualify and quantify positions for him/her.


          When it comes to Executive Search "CHA" teams are experts in locating the best possible candidates for placements in all types of organizations around the world.
          For over 11 years we have received the highest recruitment ratings from international and independent companies and many industrial and commercial
          multinationals as well as government entities, worldwide.


          Confidentiality remains fundamental and we have the proven ability to deal on a confidential basis protecting both client and applicants alike. This security is necessary
          for the applicants during the sensitive transition period, when unwanted exposure may endanger their current position. No fee is required from applicants, a factor that
          serves to attract excellent candidates from around the world. To learn more about how we may serve your career, contact our Corporate Offices at
           info@cha-international.com or call +20227797113 (GMT +1 hour).




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