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CHA International is highly qualified and equipped to provide you with top class professional consultancy services with regard to executive search and recruitment.


Through its office in Berlin CHA INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT has the specific goal of bringing together your request of entertainment and animation worldwide.


The CHA INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT is a specialized segment able to provide professionals in the entertainer / animator role in a variety of languages, such as German, Dutch, Italian and Russian, and has access to many professional young people ready to spend months abroad in these animation roles.





- Complete Start-up of an entertainment/animation team in a resorts and or hotels


- Recruitment of the SINGLE candidate according to your company's wishes.


   *For instance, specific examples could be: foreign languages to be spoken, age ranges, sex, specific job role in the entertainment team, and length of the job contract.


   *The CHA Team can provide many types of applicants for animation, such as managers, sports and athletics, kids entertainment, fitness & aerobics, tennis instructors/ swim teachers and masseurs, as well as all kinds of entertainers a resort may need, such as singers, bands and musicians, dancers, magicians, and other entertaining performers.


- Organization of castings and work-shops in order to find, to present and to prepare each employee with each single wish of your company.


- Arrange courses and seminars for the candidates, through which they are put in touch with the future work and the information important to the job.


After the start of the candidate's job, a weekly report is asked of them as a follow up from our offices, in order to assure service quality.


We strongly believe that "Deluxe Clients" look for some sort of entertainment for the whole family and CHA International has the ability to help you exceed your guests' expectations in this segment.


While kids are having their entertainment activities during the day; that will allow the parents to enjoy some    private / adult time; for example, a visit to the different shopping malls or just free time to do as they please or R&R private time.


At resorts and beach properties: the night program requires entertainment activities, resort guests want to be entertained (think Broadway, movies, operas).


A happy guest is a repeat guest who will always come back with friends, family and colleagues.





Searching for Entertainment-Animation Service? Click Here.





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