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Simone Kircheis

Sr. Consultant / Hospitality

Mrs. Simone Kircheis has been raised up in the Hotel sector, as her parents were in Hotel Business and owners of one. Her education was commenced at the college (Merzschule) in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Hotel apprenticeship was accomplished in International Hotel Chains in Leonberg, Germany; where she has started her hospitality career. Through 2005 Simone has a accomplished a very progressive career path in the hospitality industry; at various location including Europe and the Middle East.

Consequently, Mrs Kircheis has been a successful teem member of the CHA Group since 2005.

Please contact her at: simone@cha-international.com


Postal Address       

Ludwig str. 4; 71364 Winnenden, Stuttgart, Germany.

Tel +49 (7195) 95 77 832
Fax +49 (7195) 95 77 834
Mobile +49 172 688 59 27
H.Q. E-mail info@cha-international.com
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