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Established in 1998 "CHA - International" is a Management Consultancy Firm serving both Hospitality and Corporates industries worldwide. CHA also been named as the world finest in Executive Search The Firm incorporated and Registered first in both California and Egypt its corporate offices locations. In December 2002 the UAE licensed office of "CHA" was launched at the prestigious Media City in Dubai with a successful connection to the business / corporate industries of the GCC community. The Anaheim California Branch was launched in 2004 servicing Northern / Southern America, The Stuttgart, Germany Branch opened in March 2006 and The Maldives Office was Launched in May 2006, followed by the Doha, Qatar office in December 2006. The ambitious CHA International expansion plans materialized with the opening of the Shanghai, China office June 2007, followed by Berlin, Germany's 2nd office in July. In October both of Seattle WA, USA and Cancun Mexico offices joined the CHA Family. In November 2007 the Ontario, Canada office was launched trailed by the Vancouver, Montreal, France and Turkey offices in December 2007. Hence, CHA International today services more hospitality and corporate professionals worldwide than any other Executive Search Firm in the World.


In addition to Recruitments, the scope of "CHA" activities ranges from consulting on specific operation / management strategy to direct management contracting. We are Total Quality Management (TQM) fanatics.  


"CHA" team members' are seasoned international professionals who are capable of promptly congregating around the projects. Our team works closely with Engineering, Financing, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Legal Firms that are well known within the international hospitality and corporate industries. "CHA" services Hotel and Restaurant Developers, Owners, and Operators, combining our long and diversified international experiences in the industry with prompt action, flexibility and application of the TQM objectives, principles, philosophy and standards. When it comes to Executive Search "CHA" teams are experts in locating the best possible candidates for placements in all types of organizations around the world. For over 10 years we have received the highest recruitment ratings from international and independent companies and many industrial and commercial multinationals as well as governments entities.


Over the past years we have developed a highly sophisticated information network system while bringing together a group of highly qualified professionals. Some of whom posses over two decades of experience in various fields.


We look forward to new and exciting opportunities and we are well prepared to meet the challenges of the future. None of our accomplishments over the last decade would have been possible without our loyal client's support.



"The Total Commitment and Synergy of our team, is the Paramount To Reaching the ultimate in performance, To Champion professionalism around the globe in all Corporate, Hospitality and Medical Industry's To Make A True Difference".

Mission Statement

"To achieve excellence in both the Hospitality and Corporate worlds as well eminent conformity to these industries Global aspiration through Serving them, and providing their professionals with the utmost, advanced and innovative Executive Search services / development programs".


Advantages of The CHA Team


Confidentiality remains fundamental and we have the proven ability to deal on a confidential basis protecting both client and applicants alike. This security is necessary for the applicants during the sensitive transition period, when unwanted exposure may endanger their current position. No fee is required from applicants, a factor that serves to attract excellent candidates from around the world. The resource and expertise utilized in the selection process represents a significant saving to the clients in both cost and time. All searches are carried out in an assertive, yet diplomatic and tactful manner.


The Objectives

OUR TEAMS: The Professionals

"CHA" worldwide Consultants is comprised of talented professionals who make it their business to stay well-informed on current trends and practices. Our company invests considerable time and expense visiting client locations and applicant operations.


Where possible, the preference is to conduct on site interviews at the senior executive level. This practice provides an opportunity to review the job description in the work setting, so that the "CHA" consultant can evaluate effectively with the client the skills, the financial considerations and the special requirements of the subject post.


With respect to applicant interviews, our executive consultants are experts at the process of screening and the selection to fit the client criteria.


"CHA" team takes pride in the discretion that is practiced during all aspects of the recruiting process. Candidates are reviewed with a focus on the continuing quality and development of their profession.


The overview of personnel requirements throughout the industry gives us the expertise to ensure that the suitable a candidate is not lost because of an inadequate offer or that an offer is made at imbalanced wages. The accuracy of our judgment is proven by our enviable success rate.


Almost always, our successful placements have remained throughout the contract period, many of them advancing to the top levels of renowned corporations in the industry.


Approach of our Operation

THE Mystery Shopper Service: The "MS" Mystery Shopper's analyses program focuses on the Quality of Service / Product / Systems assessment, of the Subject Property / Hotel. The "MS" procedures summary is simply as follows, per property (with a minimum of Two Consultants with two different approaches to the subject departments)
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THE American Hotel & Lodging "Educational Institute" EI Professional Certification: Widely recognized as the preeminent leader in hospitality certification, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI) strongly supports and encourages the certification of hospitality professionals in all facets of the industry, including:
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THE Hospitality Solutions Software: Because you want to be a pioneer, you want to be the leader of property market place; you are always seeking to:- Impress your customers with superior services. - Elevate the communication between your department heads. - Minimize the overheads / cost while elevate your revenues. – Enhance your team’s efficiency – post tour associates productivity. - Impress your customers with superior service that keep them satisfied and loyal. – stay ahead of the competition.
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THE Executive Search PROCESS: planned to match the particular client requirements to the abilities and anticipation of potential applicants.

THE Executive Search SYSTEM

A careful study is conducted with the clients of establishment plan, job demands and wage scale, to ensure that realistic and appropriate criteria are prepared for the project under review. Upon completion of an accurate job description, the task is assigned to a "CHA" consultant who knows the geographical area involved and is familiar with the type of personnel required. All "CHA" offices and consultants are then notified so that their candidates available can be reviewed immediately.

In addition, a search is conducted through the "CHA Computer Data Base System" which has in its records over 300,000 candidates compiled / up dated over decades. These candidates are categorized by our system with a 35 search criteria format, which includes skills, languages, experience, etc.

A "CHA" expert assigned to the search and reviews all potential candidates generated by this procedure, and then arrange the pre-screening and reference checking needed. the short list is then presented to the client.

If required, our clients may instruct us to assist in the final selection. Repeat clients often allow us to make the final selection from their past success with "CHA International" teams, while some new clients will exercise this option based upon our reputation, which is backed by a guarantee tailored to segment of the served industries.

Our Executive Search service does not necessarily end with the hiring of the successful candidate. When possible, "CHA" will assist with visas, work permits, and travel arrangements. Orientation and supplemental training also provided, if requested by the client.




Presidents, Chef Executive Officers, Managing Directors, VP Operations, Marketing, Finance, human Resources, and Planning.

Hotel, Restaurant and Convention Centre Managers, all Middle Management, Rooms Division, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Directors.

Corporate and Single Unit Controllers.

Corporate and Single Unit Chief Engineers.

Directors and Trainers.

Spa Professionals, Hospital, Nursing and Retirement Home Administrators, Dieticians, Food Service Directors.

Single and Multi Unit, Sales & Marketing.
Research, Salary Survey, Definitive Hiring Guide.

Restaurant Managers, Maitres d'Holtel.


Executive Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Patissiers, Gardemangers.


Executive Chefs and all levels of in-flight Culinary and Catering Personnel.

Corporate, Regional and District Director, Theme, Fast Food and Single or Multi-Unit Managers.

Vice President, Food & Beverage, Event Directores, Unit Managers, Administrators, Camp Managers, and Project Managers.

Operations Director, Hotel Directors, Culinary, and all levels of On-Board and Shore - Based Personnel.

Senior Management, Finance, Marketing and Casino Operations Directors.





Accounting & Financial Department
Administrative Assistant & Executive Secretary
Business Development / Sales & Marketing
Human Resources & Administration
Import & Export / Logistics
Manufacturing & Production
Travel Agency & Tourism



We also have the IT Consultants on our teams who have real solution for IT hiring managers and IT career seekers - Globally. As the world is "flat" both the Client and Candidate communities should be able to seek for the best Globally. We offer a vast range of IT candidates and opportunities, whether you're exploring your options for IT Employees or Employees who are first timers or looking to cement their position in IT.


Potential IT Position:


Computer Networking
Computer, IT, and Mathematical Management
Consulting Project Manager - Software
Database/Data Management
ERP Implementation
IT Operations
Mathematical Science
Software Development
Software Quality Assurance
System Security
Technical Support
Technical Writing
Telecommunications Systems
Telecommunications Management
Web Development




Accounting & Financial Department
Administrative Assistant & Executive Secretary
Business Development / Sales & Marketing
Human Resources & Administration
Import & Export / Logistics
Manufacturing & Production
Travel Agency & Tourism

Special HR Services

For clients who choose to assume an obligation to an employee who is to be released, we offer a complete range of outplacement services.

Various components of the recruiting process are available to clients, including pre-screening, interviewing the client's own candidate roster, pattern interviews, standard and in- depth reference checks, preparation and placement of advertisements, in - house career counseling, internal personnel selection and hiring seminars.

Historically we have consulted our clients in the sale, management, and franchising of their hotels, restaurants and related corporations.

Details on fees and guarantees for these services are available upon request.


Over the last Decade, CHA International has provided services for most major hotel chains, independent hotel groups, some of the top international restaurant companies, many industrial and commercial multinationals, and government agencies.


No obligation or charge for preliminary discussions.
Our client companies are not obligated nor charged for preliminary discussions to review their problems or requirements. In addition, we offer a comprehensive guarantee period.
Applicants waiting career counseling / services pay no fee whatsoever.
Consequently, candidates deal in full confidence with the assurance of getting a balanced, professional opinion regarding their future.

Dr. Sam Saker




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