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Mystery shopper

The "MS" Mystery Shopper's analyses program focuses on the Quality of Service / Product / Systems assessment, of the Subject Property / Hotel. The "MS" procedures summary is simply as follows, per property (with a minimum of Two Consultants with two different approaches to the subject departments)

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Answer to all your questions – HOW IT WORKS

Widely recognized as the preeminent leader in hospitality certification, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI) strongly supports and encourages the certification of hospitality professionals in all facets of the industry, including:

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Hospitality Solutions

Because you want to be a pioneer, you want to be the leader in the market you are always seeking to...
- Impress your customers with fabulous services
- Provide outstanding services in a wink of an eye
- Elevate the communication between your heads
- Minimize the overheads and elevate your revenues
- Impress your customers with superior service that keep them satified and loyal

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Technical Assistance

This service is carried out by a team of property specialists to offer architectural, design and engineering support to owners, developers and investors to ensure that new hotels construction and /or existing hotels refurbishments fully comply with international standards and specific brand standards, meet deadlines and perform well from the first day they open their doors.

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SPA Services

- SPA Technical Services (Strategic Partnership - Architecture - Interior Design - Technical Services)
- SPA Operation Services (Realisation - Medical SPA - Customized Equipment Design - Managment)

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Training and Development

Increasing Productivity - Delegation - Time Management - Stress Management - Motivation, "The Ultimate Tool" for Best Productivity - Discover the Future, the Paradigm Shifting - Management Skill Builders - Results-Oriented Leadership - Visionary Leadership

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Associates Survey

The end result of our ASSOCIATES SURVEY will be an objective view of not only the Department's position / operation evaluation; but also of each department head's / manager's skills development needs, with this 360 * evaluation angle, hence, provide him and his department with the proper tools, and recommendations prior to implementing a progressive structure. Such process requires a healthy environment, and finally a clear plan will be prepared to help each department achieve its goal and ultimately the department head to design his / here own career path.

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Entertainment - Animation

The CHA INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT DEPARTMENT is a specialized segment able to provide professionals in the entertainer / animator role in a variety of languages, such as German, Dutch, Italian and Russian, and has access to many professional young people ready to spend months abroad in these animation roles.

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